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On this page you will find a few videos I have created, which have no claim to perfection, but still will give you some  impulses for your yoga practice.

I wish you lots of fun practicing.

An asana video from the "40 Days of Yoga Inspiration" project

"A Sequence for the Inner Teacher"

Yoga nidra,

english version 

Yoga Nidra is a guided deep relaxation technique that relaxes  physical, emotional and mental levels.

Yoga Nidra follows a very specific pattern and has been scientifically researched for it's effectiveness.

Just give it a try.


engl. Version

A short sequence of exercises to help you come down after a more challenging and stressful time and support the systems ability for selfregulation

Eine kleine Sequenz von Übungen, die Dir  helfen möchten, nach einer stressigen Zeit herunter zu kommen und Dein System in seiner Fähigkeit zur Selbstregulation unterstützt.

Viel Freude damit!

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