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I'll take you on a little virtual journey through my picture gallery. I wish you much joy and inspiration

Das Leben willkommen heißen

Here on the beach you can breathe deeply. So it's easy to welcome life and let it flow through you.

Ein Spaziergang am Strand ist wie ein Retreat

Feet and legs want to walk - even if it's still too cold to walk barefoot in February when this photo was taken., It's a pleasure for the whole body to feel the soft sand under your feet and the fresh wind while walking.

Yoga schenkt Lebensfreude
Trikonasana, das Dreieck am Strand
Nataraj Asana, der Tänzer, am Strand
Lebensfreude beim Yoga am Strand

Sometimes the legs just jump out of joy and

the heart is light.

Instead of heavy thoughts the head participates in the fun the body experiences. 

The body remembers how it was - as a child - so carefree and thoughtless,

spontaneous and full of joy in the moment.

Even if we as adults face the challenge of life - the childlike joy prevents the seriousness of the situation becoming overwhealming

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Yoga schenkt Lebensfreude
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Heilung, Yoga und Strand
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From the sea to the trees - these wonderful old souls

Die Natur schenkt Heilung

Finding our roots like the trees...

bringing oneself back into balance.

Observe the trees: no one is like the other. They arrange themselves incredibly and don't remain rigid, but flexible and move with the circumstances.

Der Krieger steht heldenhaft stabil

Out here you can find peace, ground yourself and learn about life...

Kraft in der Natur auftanken mit der Baumposition

There are always reports of and women who embark on great adventures and accomplish the most wondrous things.

These heroes are role models and at the same time there is a hero/heroine living in each of us.

After all, what can be braver than constantly facing everyday's life with all its big and small challenges? Despite everything, to raise your heart and stand up...

Der Seitwinkel in der Natur

Does the perfect tree exist?

The perfect asana?

The perfect human?

When brought into alignment with the forces, grace and beauty emerge that may not be flawless but are perfect in their own way - and above all full of joy

Vriksasana: stabil wie die Bäume
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Zurück zum Meer, das immer wieder zu neuen Abenteuern einlädt


Manche Dinge scheinen sehr klein und unscheinbar und gehen fast verloren im grossen Meer der Dinge.

Bekommen auch die kleinen Dinge Aufmerksamkeit und wird ein wenig tiefer gegraben, kann sich überraschenderweise manches Mal etwas völlig unerwartetes zeigen.

Das ist Yoga: nicht nur den Körper in alle Richtungen zu dehnen, sondern der Welt mit Neugierde zu begegnen und bereit zu sein, sich vom Leben überraschen zu lassen.

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