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      Yoga  means for me


connecting to my body, my thoughts and feelings.

Gaining access to the inner landscape via the outer form.

To be empowered - to be able to influence. The outside can only be changed to a limited extent. The inner attitude to external events is the place wherer we have the power to change how we feel.

For me, yoga also means to connect and heal what is fragmented and hurt and what has separated. Also to find the meaning behind the term yoga:"To be one" - and stay open-minded in life. Yoga creates a good internal connection which enables a healthy contact to the world.


Yoga includes taking responsibility on a personal level: for my thinking, feeling, acting and well-being.

Coupled with self-reflection it is a contribution to a peaceful society.

For me, yoga also means respecting boundaries and being clear about boundaries. Freedom arises when we clearly define inner spaces.

Yoga is a path and a process that leads with increasing depth to meaningfulness, clarity and life affirmation. 

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your yoga

Every person has their own story and every body tells of the diverse life experiences. These often long to be seen, transformed and integrated in such a way that softness, suppleness and joie de vivre can be expressed in life. The acceptance of the life story makes it possible to recognize what makes each person special, unique and individual.

The yoga postures are fine tools with which the inner potential is gradually uncovered. It becomes increasingly clear what your very own contribution to this life is and how this life can be lived in connectedness.

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